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Leave the maintenance to us

If the idea of regular maintenance is keeping you from enjoying the endless benefits of pool ownership, consider this - Shoreline Pools offers a range of services so you don't have to do the work. Our trained staff handles everything from repairs to seasonal care and more. You can love your pool without hating the maintenance!

Services for all pool types

Our extensive pool services include repairs, openings, closings, water treatment, scheduled maintenance, pool refurbishing, and more.

Finding the right chemistry for your pool

Making sure your pool's chemicals stay at the right levels is important for the life of your pool and your family's safety. Shoreline Pools offers chemical testing and balancing, including a FREE computer water analysis. If you're looking for a chemical-free option, we offer natural chemistry, which helps stabilize pool water without using chlorine. We carry Pool Logic chemicals.

Get a better picture of your pool water! We offer FREE computer water analysis to all of our customers.

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